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The region of Abruzzo is located in the central part of the peninsula on the Adriatic coast about 100 km east of Rome. The area of ​​the region is 10,763 km² (13th place in Italy), two-thirds of the territory is occupied by mountains. The highest point of Abruzzo – Corno Grande (Corno Grande) (2914 m) and Monte Amaro (Monte Amaro) (2795 m).

The capital of the Abruzzo region – the city of L’Aquila. The most significant area of ​​the city is the city of Pescara, is located on the shores of the Adriatic Sea.

The territory of the region of Abruzzo is varied landscapes: the mountain is in the central part of the peninsula, hilly Adriatic coast with its numerous beaches. The largest lake in the area is the scan.