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Italy - Emilia Romagna



The region of Emilia-Romagna stretches from the Adriatic Sea to the east by the Apennine mountains, before reaching the Ligurian Sea in the west. The area consists of two historical pieces: Emilia (north-west, the land along the Via Aemilia) and Romagna (south-east).

Area area – 22,446 square kilometers (7.3% in Italy).

The administrative center – the city of Bologna.

Emilia-Romagna – one of the largest regions in Italy. It borders with Lombardy and Venice in the north, Liguria and Piedmont – the west, the Marche and Tuscany – in the south and in the east by the Adriatic Sea. In the Emilia Romagna and Marche is a small independent state – the Republic of San Marino.

In the region there are three kinds of climate. In the plain area continental climate (cold and foggy winters, hot summers), in the mountainous area – alpine (cold winters and cool summers) in the coastal zone – moderate cold north-easterly winds.

The area is rich in rivers: Po, Trebbia, Nure, Arda, Parma, Enza, Rubicon and others, most of which originates in the Apennines.