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Friuli-Venezia Giulia – is located at the Adriatic Sea, an autonomous region of Italy. The administrative center is the city of Trieste. The area is conditionally divided into two parts: mountainous and lowland area. The main rivers are the Isonzo, Tagliamento, Cellini. The climate in these areas, respectively, uneven: in gorah- quite severe, and in the plain – soft. In Trieste there are often strong north-easterly winds, the so-called “boron”. The main rivers of the region – is the Tagliamento, Isonzo, Livenza and Pya Island.


The region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia has its own special, unique history. Even a thousand years BC, the first settlement of the Illyrian tribes were laid here. But the arrangement of the territory began only after the Romans settled here. After their arrival were founded the city of Aquileia, Tergesta and some others, the roads in the territory for the first time began to grow crops. The territory of Friuli-Venezia Giulia are subjected to numerous invasions of different tribes and the Huns and Goths, and the Lombards. In the end, this area captured Franks. In 1420, the city of Aquileia became a part of the Venetian Republic, and Gorizia and Trieste became cities in Austria. And in the 18th century it opened the road leading from Vienna to Trieste, and began the rapid economic development of the region. In the 19th century the area became a part of Italy, Udine became its capital. But Gorizia and Trieste only in 1919 joined Italy. During World War II, Nazi troops occupied Trieste, as it was considered a city with special strategic importance. Later, his fate determined by the Anglo-American military power.


Friuli-Venezia Giulia amazes tourists a variety of art, because the culture of the region being modified over the centuries by different peoples. Here you will find traces of the elegant Hapsburg architecture masterpieces of Tiepolo in Udine. Villa Manin in Passariano highly regarded by art historians and is considered an example of the Venice villas in the region. Among the locks should be noted Miramare, Duino, Colloredo di Montalbano.