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Lazio – the region of central Italy, with its capital – Rome. This territory was called Lazio (from the Latin Latium) before the foundation of the Roman Empire, it was inhabited by the Latins, who lived in the lower reaches of the Tiber. Now in this central region of the country live live 5 million 774 thousand people. In the north-west of the Lazio borders with Tuscany, in the north – with Umbria, north-east – with the Marche, in the east – Abruzzo and Molise, in the south-east – to the campaign and to the west is washed by the Tyrrhenian Sea, Lazio. The territory is surrounded by the Lazio Vatican City State enclave. The region is divided into 5 provinces – Frosinone (Frosinone), Latina (Latina), Rieti (Rieti), Rome (Roma), Viterbo (Viterbo).