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The name comes from the pre-Indo Liguria once powerful people of Liguria, whose sphere of influence in the prehistoric era reached the north of Europe, while the Celts drove them back on the Mediterranean coast, from where they were born. Ancestor was Ligurians archaeological culture vessel with a square neckline. When the Romans were quickly assimilated by the Ligurians.

In the Middle Ages Liguria passed under the control of Genoa. The Republic of Genoa ruled the area until 1796 with small breaks in the XV and XVI centuries in the beginning, when the area was under or Milan under French control. In 1797 Napoleon transformed the Republic of Genoa to the French protectorate called the Ligurian Republic, and after 8 years, and made it annexed to France. After the Napoleonic Wars, in 1815, the area was invaded by the Kingdom of Sardinia.

In honor of Liguria named an asteroid (356) Liguria, which was opened in 1893.