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The name “Piedmont” means “foot of the mountain,” and was first mentioned in the XIII century. Until the XV century Piedmontese territory was fragmented into many fiefdoms. In the XV century Piedmont entered the Duchy of Savoy (Savoy from Piedmont indivisibility has been installed). In 1720, he became a major part of the Kingdom of Sardinia, with its capital in Turin. In the years 1802-1814 was a member of France.

Since the 1820s, the 1840s – one of the most economically developed regions of Italy. The bourgeoisie and nobility bourgeoisified Piedmont played a significant role in the Italian national liberation movement of the XIX century, as the leading force of the bourgeois revolution of 1821, Piedmont, actively participating in the Revolution of 1848-1849 in Italy.

Around the Kingdom of Sardinia (actually around the Piedmont) in the years 1859-1860 was the unification of Italy.

During the Second World War Piedmont in September 1943 it was occupied by German troops; He became one of the most important centers of the resistance movement. Liberated mainly the Resistance forces in April 1945. The high degree of concentration of the industry and the working class (especially in Turin) Piedmont defined position as one of the main centers of the working class and democratic movement in Italy.