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Sicily – the largest area in the area of ​​Italy. All of its territory consists of islands, with 98% falls on the island of Sicily, which is separated from the mainland Italy Strait of Messina.

The island of Sicily is the active volcano Mount Etna in height of about 3329 meters. On the same island there are also several inactive volcanoes. On the nearby Aeolian islands, located north-east of Sicily, is an active volcano of Stromboli.

The island of Sicily is dominated by mountainous and hilly terrain, there are several mountain ranges, the largest of which are the Sicilian Apenniny.Plato and plains account for only 14% of the total area of ​​the island. The coastline of the island of Sicily, has a predominantly rocky nature of the north and sand – in the south has a length of about 1,000 km. The central part of Sicily is characterized by hilly terrain. This is the so-called sulfuric hill, whose height ranges mostly between 500 and 700 m.