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It bordered on the west by Tuscany, on the east by Marche and south with Lazio.

In the west of Umbria is Lake Trasimeno, and in the east of the mountains: Umbro-Markskie Apennines, there is on the border with the Marche is the highest point in Umbria – Mount Vettori altitude 2476 m Lowest point – 96 meters above sea level, is located in Terni, the province on the border with. Lazio in the valley of the river Tiber. Also located in the province of Terni Marmore Falls delle (ital.) Russian., Total height reaches 165 meters.


The climate of Umbria – continental, with hot summers and cool winters. However, in the western part of the region the climate is mild. In Perugia, the average January temperature is +1.6 ° C and in July 21.6 ° C.